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Self Hypnosis and NLP - and how Your Idols Use it's Power to Succeed

May 15, 2018

Self Hypnosis and NLP - and how Your Idols Use it's Power to Succeed

Self Hypnosis and NLP - and how Your Idols Use it's Power to Succeed

Success is one of the main goals that people want to be able to achieve in life. There are many different ways to approach success in life, but the common denominator is that people want to be able to have freedom in life. They want to spend time with their loved ones and they want to enjoy life without worrying about financial burdens. This is one of the reasons why the search for success is such a crucial part of our lives.

There is absolutely no question about the power of self-hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Many individuals all over the world have seen the benefits of using hypnosis and NLP. It can help deal with a wide range of issues such as stress, emotional distress, motivation, focus and it can help people overcome phobias amongst many other benefits.

Famous people and hypnosis

History has shown us a large number of people who have achieved an incredible status of success in life. Those who create, those who innovate and those who revolutionize the world are usually searching for the best way to boost their results. That is the reason why it comes as no surprise that many of them have used hypnosis to their advantage.

Winston Churchill

He knew that he needed away to boost his mental power while he was a Prime Minister during WWII. He was advised to start hypnotic therapy and this allowed home to stay sharp during critical times.

Albert Einstein

This popular physicist has become one of the most iconic people to ever live. He used hypnosis in order to find relaxation and to improve his thinking process. It has been claimed that he created the theory of relativity while he was under the effects of hypnosis.

Nikola Tesla

This was an incredibly productive inventor that felt that his mind needed rest and relaxation after long brainstorming sessions. He used Hypnosis to calm himself down and find the clarity he needed to start new projects.


One of the most popular composers that ever lived was always using hypnosis before he sat down and composed his music. This musical genius was also known for using hypnosis in order to ensure the best results after he started composing.

Top athletes

Many top athletes in a large number of different sports have always been using Hypnosis to enhance their mental abilities in order to bring them into their sport. They include Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Shaquille O’Neal, Tige Woods and Kobe Bryant amongst other popular and highly skilled players.

There are also cases in which entire teams have hired hypnosis experts to help improve their game. This was the case in 1983 when the Chicago White Sox decided to hire a hypnotist who was with the team all day long and they made the playoffs that year.

Top traders and Silicon Valley millionaires

There are many top Wall Street traders and Silicon Valley innovators that have been very public about the use of hypnosis in their lives. It makes complete sense that hypnosis is a very relevant factor that has allowed them to stay in control of their lives. The process of trading in the stock market and developing innovative technology are both stressful and they require sharp minds.

Celebrities who use hypnosis and NLP

Celebrities in Hollywood are also aware of the importance of keeping their minds clear and staying focused on their jobs. Some of them include Drew Barrymore, who has mentioned how hypnosis has changed her life. You also have Charlize Theron who told the press how she managed to quit a very difficult smoking addiction thanks to the use of hypnosis.

Other celebrities who use hypnosis include Matt Damon, Ellen DeGeneres, Asthon Kutcher, Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Fergie, Geri Halliwell, and Britney Spears. They continue to use Hypnosis in order to be able to maintain the mental sharpness that allows them to continue moving forward in such a difficult industry.

It has been well documented that many individuals who are involved in stressful and difficult jobs and professions are seeing incredible benefits from using hypnosis. Those who suffer from stress and anxiety see an immediate reduction in their symptoms and this makes it easier for them to overcome difficult situations.

Then you have people like Bruce Willis who had a deep fear of being in public and even stuttered due to his anxiety. Hypnosis helped him overcome this problem and it allowed him to gain the strength and confidence he needed. This is the kind of change that Hypnosis is able to accomplish to help people in all kinds of professions.

The difference between Hypnosis and NLP

There are some differences between Hypnosis and NLP that make both of them unique, but they both have the same purpose. The main difference between the two is that NLP involves more conscious engagement of the techniques while Hypnosis uses more unconscious methods.

Most therapists will tell their patients that a combination of both is going to be ideal for them to see results. This is usually due to the fact that each of the techniques is going to help tap into different areas of the mind in order to help them achieve better results.

Final thoughts

Hypnosis has proven to be an incredible ally for the human mind. Those who learn to unleash their full potential through the use of technology are more likely to achieve better results in every aspect of their lives. This is the main reason why we recommend that everyone considers the value and the importance of looking for a professional Hypnotist for this purpose. These sessions are life changing and the changes are always very positive.

You will be surprised to see how much your mind is able to achieve when you decide to finally get started. You will feel sharper, you will gain more focus and you will learn to effectively deal with emotional distress.

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