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The Journey to Self-Mastery

May 27, 2018

The Journey to Self-Mastery

The Journey to Self-Mastery

Self-Mastery in simplest form is the process of becoming master of your own self, knowing who you really are, what your passion is and where your pleasure lies. It is the process of personal discovery of passion, of purpose and the pursuit of your vision. It requires that, you develop a strong-will towards focus, ignore distractions and have a fixed gaze on your goal.

Self-mastery is beyond just having a vision, it requires determination, focus and willingness to taking full responsibility for your own self to achieving your set goal. The journey to self-mastery might get lonely and dry but at the end, it shall speak!

The journey to self-mastery is established on a three-cardinal point foundation and they are;

  1. Choices
  2. Actions
  3. Manifestation


Choices: You’d agree with me that, 90% of what happens to us are as result of some of either the good or bad choices we have made. The choice of friends, of books, of drinks, of food and the list is endless. When we choose resentment, we live in lower achievements, but when we choose love, we move into our mastery. From an array of option, consider your vision and its future before making choices.

Be a conscious choice maker, let discernment help you in choosing, ask your heart of guidance when lost!

Actions: The journey to self-mastery doesn’t end at making choices it requires taking corresponding actions to back it up. Making choices without a backup action is like having a car without driving it. To be focused on the path of Self-Mastery requires you to be one-pointed without being rigid.

Take corresponding actions today and get close to achieving self-mastery.

Manifestation: manifestation of your self-mastery comes after the actions backing your choices. It brings the realisation of your true self. Your strength, ability and resilience. At this point, you realise your Self-Mastery, you radiate your Light and Divinity for all to enjoy.

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