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The secrets of the Universe Found in Our Thoughts? 😲

April 14, 2018

The secrets of the Universe Found in Our Thoughts? 😲

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
- Nikola Tesla


Let’s talk about energy. Every single thing in the Universe possesses what we call “vibrational frequency.” But what exactly is vibrational frequency? Simply put, it is made of ENERGY.


So, if all things in known existence both absorb and radiate certain frequencies, that means that even us, as human beings, are constantly taking in energetic vibrations from the cosmos, and also emitting out our own energy back to the Universe and to the collective of humanity.


But let’s back up a moment, and dive deeper into what vibrational frequencies are, and how they have been proven to be a building block of what we call “reality,” here in the physical realm - because energy is much more complex than you may think.




Energy is a very real component of vibrational frequency, which in itself is proven by multiple mathematical, astronomical and physics-based truths. It affects every second of our lives.


Basically put, everything in the Universe is made of “energy.” But did you know that all energy is actually infinitely in motion? Even things which appear solid or “unmoving,” like a desk for example. It only appears to be still because the energy is vibrating at a much slower FREQUENCY.


This is called the Universal Law of Vibration.


This law, in essence, states that the entire Universe runs on the same principle of vibrational energy. So, everything, even a desk, is made up of trillions of subatomic particles that are constantly in motion and filled with energy - orbiting each other at their own vibrational frequency.


Of course, we know we cannot see atomic particles with the naked eye, so it only makes sense that we cannot tell that everything in the Universe is in motion, all of the time. This also applies to sound. Think about a dog whistle - as humans, we are unable to detect that vibrational frequency of energy. However, it is a proven fact that dogs are able to perceive those vibrations that we can’t.


But one of the most epic truths about vibrational frequency is:
it also applies to words, and even our THOUGHTS.



When it comes to frequencies we cannot perceive with our senses, a perfect example was conducted by the infamous Dr. Emoto. He tested the differences of water crystallization by playing different types of music, and speaking loving words (high vibrational frequency), or speaking hate-filled (low vibrational frequency) words to each water specimen daily.


The results were phenomenal; the high-vibrational frequencies (such as loving words and the song “Amazing Grace”) created beautiful and geometrically symmetrical shapes. The low-vibrational frequencies, (such as hateful words and heavy metal music) created distorted, non-geometrical shapes that literally had no pattern whatsoever.


If water is even manipulated by vibrational frequency, remember that we as human beings, are composed mostly of WATER.


We are spiritual beings that reside in a vehicle; the human body is just a vessel that houses our soul. We’re constantly emanating energetic vibrational frequencies - from both our consciousness and our physical body in motion. We are energy, and we are always giving off an INFINITE flow of thoughts, intentions and actions to the Universe. Our subconscious also does this, all of which being a set of specific energetic VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES.


Have you ever been spending time alone, but you have a strange “feeling” that someone else is in the room? This is because they have entered your aura and your personal field of vibrational frequency.


So how can one take advantage of the vibrational frequency of energy, in order to live a more fulfilling life, move forward on your life journey, and ascend in spiritual growth?


There are actually quite a few ways you can utilize this wisdom of how the Universe truly works.



Be mindful of your thoughts.
The Law of Attraction is not simply having good thoughts and hoping that money will come to you. Oh no, it is much more significant than that! The truth is that, just as the desk and sound are made up of trillions of moving subatomic particles we cannot perceive, so are your thoughts.


Your thoughts all have their own vibrational frequency of energy, and are sent out to the Universe. What you must understand is that the Law of Attraction is about knowing that a matching energy will undoubtedly be sent back to you at a future time.


The Universe does not discriminate; it does not know a “positive” energetic thought from a “negative” energetic thought; this is because as humans WE decide what we perceive as “good” or “bad.” The Universe simply matches your vibrational energy, and sends it back.


Every single one of us is a natural alchemist - we all have the power to turn life into whatever we choose it to be. It may sound cliche, but give it a shot and tell us in one month if your life hasn’t altered drastically!


You must put forth that alchemical, high vibrational frequency of energy to manifest for the good of yourself and all beings on planet Earth - but this only occurs with a frequencies of unselfish, loving, and pure intentional thought patterns.


You need to mindful of creating the reality that is most beneficial for you. Whenever a negative thought passes through, RELEASE IT - pay it no mind, replace it with a positive affirmation or a happier thought.



But, because we have thousands of subconscious thoughts a day that we aren’t conscious of,
adjusting your lifestyle in other ways is also extremely beneficial.



Your Physical Body
One of the most amazing parts of this awakened adventure we call life is that we are able to experience some incredible things here in the physical realm with our bodies. There is no denying the magic that exists when you are able to perceive it with your five Earthly senses. You must be aware that we are always tapped into the vibrational energy of Source - so basically, try and think of your body and subconscious as a sponge to all electromagnetic vibrations, frequencies, and energy.


So let’s apply this concept to food. Choosing a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle has been proven to improve your health.


Now, quickly, let’s talk about epigenetics.


In short, it is a comprehensive set of studies that have proven that your DNA is encoded with every emotion of your vibrational energy; your DNA is constantly altering and storing the information from this lifetime.


Therefore, animals who suffered prior to death carry that in their DNA, and it is passed on to the consumer when that food is eaten. Then it remains in OUR internal energy - you may even function at a lower vibrational energy after consuming it - feeling physically or emotionally exhausted after consuming meat and even dairy products. This is a personal choice, obviously, but another good experiment to try on yourself.


Next, our Chakra System are the major energetic centers of our body - we have seven main chakras and quite a few minor ones inside the body. They each act as an energy “vortex,” powered and charged by the vibrational energetic frequency of the cosmic prana existing around us every day.


Technically, the chakra system is part of our “non-physical” body, being affected by the mental, psychological and emotional part of our being. However, these energy centers have a tremendous effect on our actual, literal physical bodies and can be encouragingly manipulated with certain practices.


Consistently and mindfully attempting to keep them balanced in your everyday life will inevitably aid in a strong energetic power “current” that flows through us all. All chakras are connected to one another -they must have balanced vibrational frequencies between them to maintain a healthy physical and spiritual existence here on Earth.


If the chakras are not balanced, they are either underactive, overactive, or completely blocked. This results in obvious ailments and symptoms in the body, as well as reflecting a negative mental and spiritual state.


For example, if you have had chronic back pain your entire life, but there was never a doctor with the ability to diagnose the cause, it can be very frustrating. But, by becoming mindful of your Root Chakra, you can perform steps balance it. And by being conscious of maintaining the healing process, you will magically notice you are no longer suffering from back pain. This is because back pain is one of the symptoms of an underactive, blocked, or overactive Root Chakra!


It will soon become clear that most of the issues you suffer from, actually come from imbalanced vibrational energetic centers: your chakras!



Your Mental Health
Have you ever felt ridiculously overwhelmed when in areas with extremely high energy or vibrational frequency? This could be a place with too many loud sounds, too many people, or too many bright lights. Well, this is because your mind, body and spirit are connecting to and absorbing multiple different vibrational frequencies at once.


They have been around us all along, but now with this wisdom you will have a heightened consciousness and awareness of them. But just because you are sensitive to the energy doesn’t mean you cannot handle it!


It only makes sense that since we are made from the same substance of the Universe, we are able to detect changes in energy. But one thing to keep in mind, is that this ability can cause you to TAKE ON the vibrational frequency of the energy around you. We must always protect our energy and if something feels overwhelming, we have every right to excuse ourselves from a situation. This will keep our mental health calm and collected.


It is also a strong belief in the spiritual community that people with autism, ADD/ADHD, and Asperger’s Syndrome are simply very in tune to perceiving vibrational frequencies; their nervous system is hyper sensitive to energies around them, and they get overwhelmed in different ways than other people.


By recognizing ways to stay healthy and happy mentally, you will of course reap the benefits of the vibrational frequencies around you.



Utilizing Your Sixth Sense
As we can sense and detect changes in energy, we also have other capabilities that if harnessed and developed, allow us to be the greatest version of ourselves to assist humanity and our own lives.


We are not only intuitive beings, but we can perceive and take on the properties of the vibrational frequency around us. This can be in emotional, physical, or even spiritual presence.


Have you ever “sensed” the mood or “energy” when you walk into a room?
Or, maybe you met someone for the first time and instantly knew their true character - positive or negative.


This is because energetic frequency gives off vibrations as “invisible” wavelengths in the air... and as we learned, those vibrations are anywhere on a scale from low to high. A low vibrational energy from someone seems to suck the life out of everyone around them, while a high vibrational energy from someone is positively contagious.


Whether you are aware of it or not, your physical body and brain has the capacity to possess many capabilities. We only use 5-10% of our brain, so when utilized to a higher potential, we are able to access that which is beyond “conceivable” to the conscious mind.


The superconscious realm, (or the “collective subconscious”), is always at work behind the scenes of your mental awareness, storing all information from your time in this life. It also holds all of the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences obtained from past lives, which is accessible to your Higher Self if you seek it. It is an inborn ability to REMEMBER, (or access), the data “logs” of the body and of the soul.


Luckily, we have many ways to use this ability to penetrate the higher frequency plane of collective consciousness. While some of these tactics require natural talents, others may require practice and dedicated training.

Some of these ways include:

  • Meditation
  • Dream State
  • Psychedelic drugs
  • Remote Viewing / Astral Projection
  • Mediumship
  • Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Claircognizance




Another one of the most beneficial mental and spiritual effects of using your sixth sense is a heightened intuition. The phrase “trust your gut,” has a much deeper meaning than you may realize!


For example, going back to our Chakra System, the Solar Plexus Chakra is located in the center of your torso, or your “gut.” This area is considered to be an additional “brain,” because we process emotions there through our central nervous system. That is the physical aspect of being intuitive “in your gut,” and using your sixth sense to feel unseen vibrational frequencies of energy.




So in conclusion...

By choosing to understand, embrace, and utilize vibrational frequency, you can create an amazing high vibrational frequency of energy to give off to the Universe and receive back. It will inevitably cause conscious, subconscious, and spiritual growth.


Once you change your vibrational frequency, everything in existence will align to that same frequency - it is a proven law of science, mathematics, and all aspects of physics in the Universe.


Of course, not everything is always in our own control, as we live in a reality with a collective consciousness of everyone on the planet. When things you perceive as “negative” happen to you, choose to change your perception, practice acceptance, and be mindful of keeping a high vibrational frequency.


It also helps to know that your Higher Self predestined these people, events, triumphs and conflicts for a reason; the easiest way to grow is with duality, and there must always be both dark and light in life. Challenges in your path or not, create an intention to vibrate high.


And remember, on a scale of consciousness and vibrational energy, COURAGE and EMPOWERMENT are the first vibrational energies at a “neutrally-vibration” frequency. And, the first POSITIVELY vibration frequencies are the energies of TRUST, WILLINGNESS, and ACCEPTANCE.

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