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What is Self Awareness? The Psychology to Success

April 13, 2018

What is Self Awareness? The Psychology to Success

Self-enquiry in Business

Ever wondered why all motivational speakers would always mention self-enquiry in every of their speeches? Then, let’s take a look. Self-enquiry is a situation whereby constant attention is called to the inner awareness of "I" or "I am." An Indian guru once recommended this as the most effective and straight forward approach of attaining enlightenment as to the unreality of the "I" thought. It is the turning and directing of attention inward towards yourself, and the giving of free rein to a curiosity to know yourself, and to discover the true nature of your existence.

When engaged in self-enquiry, here is what happens, you zone out and redirect your attention from outward happenings and circumstances, into those within yourself. You instead seek out those experiences within your being, within yourself including those experiences that subtly present within awareness itself. Meanwhile, this heightened awareness and curiosity eventually leads you to a place deep within your being where there are no experiences and is devoid of your sense of self. Focusing inwardly into yourself allows you experience your ultimate and true nature from which it progresses to even deeper and more profound revelations and realities which are indescribable.

Howbeit, you practice self-enquiry by asking questions directed at leading attention to your sense of self, to your awareness of self. Questions like "Who am I?", like "What am I?", and so on that shines the spotlight on you and make you reflect on the true nature of yourself. Questions that addresses your direct experience of you in existence, and how you are feeling at that particular moment.

For example, consider your thoughts and emotions flowing outwardly to a particular experience and/or sensation. A question that you could ask that will direct attention to yourself is "Who is experiencing this sensation, this feeling?" which quite obviously is "me." You then follow this up by inquiring from yourself who or what you are. Upon answering this, you then ask more and more questions about yourself. Be aware that the questions designed are bound to open your sense of "me" more and more.

Meanwhile, asking these self-inquiry questions will quickly lead you to a place where you experience nothingness, where you find no answers. A place where all you experience is space, deep space which at first seems empty. A place of enlightenment where you discover that there is absolutely nothing behind those feelings you are so focused on, those thoughts you treasure so much and so on.

Then, instead of leaving this space and coming back, that curiosity that you have given free rein starts asking you what "nothing" is like. In your quest to further understand what "nothing" is, you uncover even more space and eventually, you start to realize that there are attributes within that space. Attributes that you were not apparent to you at first, attributes which are the true definitions of a being such as love, compassion, insight and strength towards yourself and every other human. Then as you dive deeper into this deep, the vast world of nothingness that started with you inquiring about yourself, you begin to discover even more qualities. All these leads to a better understanding of what it means to be human and how you are at unity with your surroundings. Practice self-enquiry today!


The lessons of business performance applied to spirituality.

Business and spirituality might seem world apart, like, they have nothing in common. This might be because spirituality preaches selflessness, humility etc. and business preaches almost the exact opposite which is 'not so much' selflessness (as the purpose is to make money) amongst other things.

However, despite the perceived differences between these two, parallels can be drawn between running a business, and spirituality and lessons learnt from both. One such place where parallels can be drawn is business performance (in business) which although has no named counterpart in spirituality, is related to spiritual performance.

Once a business is built and established, there might be that temptation to leave it as it is and let it run by itself. Maybe because you think your foundational work is solid enough and the business will follow the path of progress as a rule. This notion, however, should not be taken, as after establishing your business, you should constantly review and update your progress. Consider your position in the market, look at the opportunities you have to grow, your business's weak areas that you have to shore up and strengthen, the strong areas that you have to keep strong and so on. Identify all these things and consider the next level your business can progress to and how to get there.

Moreover, you need to outline a new and updated strategy, then, incorporate this into your existing strategy so as to increase and improve your business's performance. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you need to review your business performance;

  • You might feel unsure of how your business is holding up in the competitive space
  • Your business might be moving in a direction and with a momentum that is different from what you initially had in mind and planned for
  • Your business might be becoming unresponsive

All these points listed above find their counterparts in spirituality. So, there is a need to ask yourself questions like:

  • How is my spiritual life?
  • Is it progressing in the direction I want at the place I want?
  • Is this how I planned it to be at the beginning?
  • Is my spiritual performance commensurate with the opportunities I have?
  • Which areas of my spirituality do I need to shore up and strengthen?
  • Which areas are good and should be maintained just as they are?

Asking these questions help you assess your performance spiritually which you can then improve and build upon. Run your spirituality like you would run a business, at least, in this particular area of assessing and reviewing your performance. This ensures that your performance is always top notch and that you demand from yourself only the things that will make you progress.

Do not just focus on the day to day workings of your spirituality as you shouldn't be on the day to day running of your business. You need to have a long term goal that you are constantly revisiting and which you are constantly adjusting your workings and performance towards. This is the way to ensure that your performance is kept top notch and that you constantly improve and increase in your output.

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