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Why Self-Awareness Matters and How You Can Be More Self-Aware

April 29, 2018

Why Self-Awareness Matters and How You Can Be More Self-Aware

Why Self-Awareness Matters and How You Can Be More Self-Aware

Self-awareness is the key to self-improvement. Everybody is made differently, and that explains the reason for diverse personalities. The differences in one person to another is the uniqueness that makes each one of us whom we are, concerning emotions, temperament, and perception of issues.

However, self-awareness helps to discover whom we indeed are, why we behave the way we do; and how we handle matters that come up in our lives. All of these are responsible for our personalities and how people see us.

Now, if we were to turn our searchlight inward, and critique our reasoning, beliefs, how we see other people, whom we consider ourselves to be, our strengths and weaknesses, then, we would be able to turn a lot of things around and be the best we can be and make our society better.

Just a few people are self-aware while several people are not self-aware. It is common to see some people bully weaker people. Some people see public space or utility as theirs and do not want to share it. You may even be working with a colleague who believes he is always right and does not consider other people’s opinion. These types of people can produce constant toxicity in our lives, or cause frustration. However, these people live among us.

Self-awareness helps to improve our personalities and make us better people. Do you know if you are self-aware? What is the evidence of self-awareness?


Evidence of Self-awareness

1. It makes us empathetic. Being able to know when we are wrong causes us to see other people’s opinion and be empathetic to their condition or feelings.

2. It makes us admit our mistakes or faults. People who are not self-aware can never see that they are wrong not to mention accepting their wrong. They always believe that someone else is responsible for their failure.

3. It makes us tolerant. When we can admit our mistakes, it becomes easy for us to accept other people’s moments of errors without raising dust.

4. It makes us humble. Realizing that we are not perfect gives us the knowledge that we need to improve. So, we become humble in all ways trying to work on ourselves.

5. It makes us more attractive to people. In a lighter mode, people do not like anyone with the “I know-it-all” attitude. So, when we realize that we cannot always be right and see things from other people’s perspective, it makes us more attractive, and more people will like us.

6. It gives us happiness. Self-awareness is the path of happiness as you can know the best way to get along with people without causing any trouble. Consequently, we have more happiness staying in peace with other people.

Before going further to ask how to be more self-aware, it is expedient to ask how much self-aware you are. Your response will reveal the truth about your level of self-awareness.


Quickly answer the following questions:

1. Do you listen to other people’s point of view? Or do you tend to override their opinions while prove yours to make a better sense?

2. Do you ask how people feel about certain situations? Or do you assume based on your feelings?

3. Do you consider how much effect your opinion will have on other people? Or do you think that others welcome your opinion?

4. Can you admit your mistakes and apologize? Or do you believe that things get bad because of others?

If you responded yes to the first questions in each pair, then you are self-aware. If you responded yes to the second questions in each pair, you need to turn the search on yourself and work on your self-awareness level.


The Importance of Being Self-aware

Why do you need self-awareness? It is beneficial to know the importance of being self-aware in order to make the best of it.

1. It Enhances Your Social Abilities

We are all social beings, and we thrive on relationships. People who are self-aware find it easy to make friends, keep friends, and sustain their relationship.

2. It Promotes Open-Mindedness and Versatility

Your being self-aware is crucial to your approach to issues. Self-awareness helps you to listen to your mind to find the most natural and most exact response you will give to matters.

3. It Boosts Productivity

People who are self-aware are fast thinkers. They understand themselves and can focus on any challenges that come their way. They think faster and make swift decisions.

4. It Makes You a Good Leader

A good leader should be able to think quickly, make decisions without fear or favor. It boosts your confidence and focuses on acts that are worthy of commendation.

5. It Increases Overall Objectivity

Self-awareness makes you confident in yourself and stays objective at all times. Besides, you can get quite a lot of things done despite being tackled.


How You Can Be More Self-Aware

To live a fulfilled life and achieve your purposes, you need to be more self-aware at all times. Staying self-aware requires being conscious and staying true to your determination. So, here are the ways to be more self-aware.

1. Be More Objective

Make efforts to get to know yourself more especially things that get you angry, people you find irritable, and other necessary information, which are true about you. Learn to accept whom you are and improve yourself in your areas of shortcomings.

2. Keep a Journal

Do you have fresh ideas? Write them in the journal. Take time out to record important moments you had during the day- your successes and failures at handling situations or managing yourself and other people. This will help you to be conscious of your goal- to become a better person.

3. Work on Self-Reflection

The quickest way to be more self-aware is to be conscious and take self-reflect on yourself every day. Always work to see more ways to perfect your weaknesses, consolidate on your strength and becomes better every day. Spend at least 15 minutes every day on thinking about the last issue you did not handle well and find ways to do better next time.

4. Practice Meditation

Meditation is the process of maintaining balance in your thoughts, actions, and emotions. The way this is done is by focusing on your breath. As you meditate, think about your goals, what you are doing that is working for you, what seems to be a hindrance for you, and how you can improve it.

5. Ask for Honest Opinion about You from Friends You Trust

Let your friends tell you what they think about you. Inform them to be frank and give honest views. Besides, let your friends notify you whenever you are doing something wrong or against your goal.


Chakra Healing To Enhance Self-Awareness

Chakras, in the human body, are the centers through which energy flows in the body. There are seven types of Chakras in different parts of the body. These seven points can balance your life and create self-awareness needed to make you ready for the trip to destiny.

1. Unblock the Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is situated about 3 inches below the navel and on back of the tail of the spine. The sacral chakra is the powerhouse of emotions, creativity, feelings, and sensuality. If this chakra is blocked, all the positive signs will be absent; there will be no connection to the source of creativity, emotions, and more.

Signs of Blockage: back pain, low energy, joint pain, kidney issues, panic attacks, oversensitivity, and attachment.

How to Unblock: Always wear color orange and at orange food. Become stronger mentally, methodological.


2. Unblock the Brow Chakra

The location of this chakra is between the eyebrows, and it is responsible for conceptual understanding to start something new.

Signs of Blockage: The third eye’s blockage is revealed by lack of concentration, loss of sense of direction, bad dream, failure in positive and emotions.

How to Unblock: Indulge in meditation and yoga. Also, you can use the Third Eye chakra stones to unblock the channel.


3. Unblock the Root Chakra

The location of the Root Chakra is the base of the spine. The Chakra is responsible for our feeling connected to the ground, our feeling of stability. Whenever this Chakra is working perfectly, we feel secure, safe, and confident.

Signs of Blockage: Loss of consciousness, unprecedented fear, and loss of sense of direction.

How to Unblock: Engage in daily meditation. Use stones such as Black Tourmaline, Copper, Ruby Zoisite, and Garnet but to me.


Self-awareness is the key to progress and becoming the best we can be. Irrespective of how much efforts we have put in, it is crucial to remain more self-aware to overcome the challenges that each day and each person we relate to may bring.

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