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Whats the biggest reward in life?

I’ve always possed a longing, i didn’t know what i was longing for but, i was longing, but i was too frightened to go after it, i was bullshitting myself day in, day out, i didn’t have the courage to take action, i wasn't complete, fulfilled, i was disconnected, from the world and i was disconnected from myself.

There was un-healed continuing pain, from the result of that suffering,  which created fear, it was cycle i’m sure all of you can resonate with.

Your identity, is what ever you attach yourself too, and be really carful when i say that because most of this is un-conscience, burried deep from years and years of repression, but the thing is with identity, its not actually true, as albert ainstein said “its an optical illusion of conscience” its not who you are, because underneath all that identity, is your essence, and that is,  what would be left if i took all of your identity away? if I took everything away your attached too, your thoughts, your believes what would be left?, that is who you truly are, your identity is everything that covers that up, there is some good news to this, your identity will protect you from what ever you fear, to create a comfort zones for you, to create protection, and that keeps us from expressing who we truly are, the bad news is that if you don’t become aware of this, you will miss the whole beauty and journey of life, you will be living in anxiety, fear, procrastinating about everything that could go wrong, you are blind, even blind to your mums love she has for you and you know the worst thing right?   you will become who you truly are.

You will achieve what you longed for, All you have to do is peal away all these layers of protection and stand up to who you truly are. and thats terrifying because if we take what your identity is, your believes, your whole conception of yourself, your family,  what you own, your friends, and your past!, and i take it away, you feel like i took away your life, who you truly are, there is a name for this, its death. The necessary death of ones identity in order to be fulfilled, and achieve ones destiny, the inner journey is, the journey from identity to essence, that will parallel to the outer journey, your goal, your level of success, the amount you are able to give back! it is because of the obstacles outer and inner, the force within you have to find, the courage you didn’t previously have! you will become stronger and stronger and more courageous until gradually you are able to shed the identity that they have had protecting you, and holding back then to realise who you truly are. When i started started the search within, i was simply blown away, i paused, i had too pause, i knew my life changed from that moment of discovery. The fear, the self doubt was there but, it was different. When you awaken, when you become aware, when you become conscious, only then can you get out of your own way. Only then, can you achieve real, true greatness. 

Welcome to Aware Clothing.

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